[Coral-List] political argruments on the coral list

Rudy Bonn rudy_bonn at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 14:07:13 EDT 2014

Interesting thread!  I believe there is a time and a place for political discussions concerning threats to the world's natural resources, mitigation strategies ( lowering CO2 emissions for example ) and so forth, but not on the coral list.  I read this list-serve because I am interested in what is happening to coral reefs everywhere especially when I see people's posts about coral reefs becoming extinct in this century-- I pray not!  Someone recently spoke of soldiers that need to be out there fighting against the skeptics ( many of which are the policy makers ).  We have the soldiers, however our recruitment strategy has failed miserably.  I mean who can change a congressional seat?  Who can change a senatorial seat?  Who decides who goes to the White House?  Our soldiers, the general public! 

If we turn our
              strategy and focus more on engaging the public through
              education and outreach and other methods we might begin to
              see a positive change.  Everyone I know wants to protect
              Mother Earth from further harm, and the only way I can see
              these positive changes to take place is through a
              better-informed public at the voting booth!  I really
              enjoy the list-- I really don't enjoy politics on the
              list.  There is a proper time and place for these
              essential discussions, but not on the list! 

I have worked
              in the ocean for many many years as a NOAA employee, and I
              have to agree with Billy that management of the
              sanctuaries is very complex and should be left to those
              with the knowledge and the expertise to make difficult
              decisions on occasion regarding management strategies. 
              How is the superintendent going to know when someone flips
              a coral head over for a lobster?  We could just make the
              entire sanctuary a non-consumptive area?  Yea, see how far
              that goes!   

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Rudy S Bonn
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