[Coral-List] Happy Birthday Coral-List, Politics

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Fri May 23 07:53:14 EDT 2014

On this day 19 years ago, Coral-List began with about 100 members. 
Today our numbers are 8,129.  I wonder why, out of all these people who
appreciate and help to save coral reefs, there are mostly only a handful
who contribute on a regular basis.  Speak up!

As I reflect on the recent thread of politics and coral reef
conservation, and some of us hammering each other, I can't help but
notice what many already see as obvious, that we have met the enemy, and
he is us (thank you Walt Kelly).  For some reason I let these personal
attacks go on longer than I should have, but maybe it helps to clear the

But now, can we (including myself) tone down the rancor a bit  and try
to come up with some constructive steps we can implement to reduce coral
reef decline?

Thank you, and I hope you all have a nice weekend.

    Your Coral-List Administrators,

    Jim Hendee
    Mike Jankulak
    Lew Gramer

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