[Coral-List] Functional Approach in Coral Reef Ecosystem and Conservation Workshop, June 19-21, 2014 @ Taiwan

Allen Chen acropora.chen at gmail.com
Tue May 27 09:03:26 EDT 2014

Dear All,

I am pleasing to announce a 2-day workshop on “Functional Approach in Coral Reef Ecosystem and Conservation” (http://biodiv.tw/FuncCREcos/index_eng.html), June 19-21, 2014 at Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

This workshop is taken place 3 days before the 3rd Asia-Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (APCRS) at Howard Resort Hotel, Kenting National Park, Taiwan (http://www.apcrs2014.com/news/index.php). 
Kaohsiung is one of main city in the southern Taiwan and  serves as the transit city to the APCRS2014. Please feel free to explore the website of workshop. This workshop is free of registration fee. Poster presentation is welcome.

With Regards,

Allen Chen, PhD (JCU)
Professor/ Research Fellow
Biodiversity Research Center
Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan
E-mail:cac at gate.sinica.edu.tw/ acropora.chen at gmail.com

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