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Folks, we lost a number of subscribers last week, and this (example
below) is apparently why.  Name has been withheld by me.

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Hi, Jim, Mike, and Lew.  

I'm not a coral reef scientist.  I'm interested in many things that have to do with environmental science.  I currently work with shellfish and I am interested in what is happening in marine and freshwater with shellfish and biotoxins.  I also forward new job opportunities to some academic contacts who are teaching the next generation of environmental science folks.  

I enjoy reading the discussions that relate to the coral science, but honestly, I was ready to unsubscribe today after reading all of the personal attacks and political banter.  I'll refrain and continue to skim the posts that interest me and delete the rest.  

Congrats on the numbers of folks on the list!

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On this day 19 years ago, Coral-List began with about 100 members. 
Today our numbers are 8,129.  I wonder why, out of all these people who appreciate and help to save coral reefs, there are mostly only a handful who contribute on a regular basis.  Speak up!

As I reflect on the recent thread of politics and coral reef conservation, and some of us hammering each other, I can't help but notice what many already see as obvious, that we have met the enemy, and he is us (thank you Walt Kelly).  For some reason I let these personal attacks go on longer than I should have, but maybe it helps to clear the air.

But now, can we (including myself) tone down the rancor a bit  and try to come up with some constructive steps we can implement to reduce coral reef decline?

Thank you, and I hope you all have a nice weekend.

    Your Coral-List Administrators,

    Jim Hendee
    Mike Jankulak
    Lew Gramer

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