[Coral-List] political arguments on coral-list

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   Dear Gene,

   You don't have to demean Coral-List just because you disagree with a few of
   the comments that have recently been posted here. You often chide listers
   for "shooting the messenger" and I assume that you would apply that same
   approach to the medium of expression as well. I believe that Coral List and
   Coral Reefs serve different functions so a comparison is not really in
   order,  but  since  you  seem to be enthralled with the Journal of the
   International Society for Reef Studies I suggest you more closely examine
   (and    perhaps    adopt)    some    of    the   central   themes   of
   important papers highlighted  there.  Here  is one that I would highly
   recommend:   "Climate  change  and  coral reefs: Trojan horse or false
   prophecy"?  O. Hoegh-Guldberg

   ( [1]http://www.barrierreef.org/sites/default/files/Ove-2009-Coral-Reefs.pdf
   )   In  it the author concludes . . ." there is little support for the
   conclusion that coral reefs will survive atmospheric carbon dioxide levels
   of  600â1000 ppm and increases in ocean temperatures of 2â6C. For this
   reason, and the fact that we are currently on a pathway headed towards 1,000
   ppm and beyond, we must also strive to communicate the extreme urgency of
   the situation to the broader scientific and non-science community, and to
   urge  the  international   those that have been proposed so far by the
   international community and will only come about if governments understand
   the dire circumstances that the world faces if we lose coral reefs and other
   critically important parts of the biosphere. Hopefully, a clear, objective
   and coherent voice from the coral reef community will be listened to. We can
   only hope".  You can choose to become a part of that clear and coherent
   voice or maintain the role of skeptic, but don't become embittered by those
   who are unconvinced and wish to challenge your opinions.   Steve
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   >Darn, I went off on my boat for 4 days and missed all stimulation folks
   >on the list have been having. Good to see the list is now up to around
   >8,000 readers. Any one have an idea of how many subscribe to CORAL
   >REEFS? compared to the coral list.
   >Seems there are some good reasons for publishing on the coral-list
   >especially if you are not worrying about tenure.. It works at warp speed
   >where as CORAL REEFS takes months and there are all those reviewers and
   >revisions to deal with. Gene
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   1. http://www.barrierreef.org/sites/default/files/Ove-2009-Coral-Reefs.pdf

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