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Yes Ian, Geologists are well aquainted with that Holocene temperature 
curve.  It  explains why Acropora grew well at the Flower Gardens 
Sanctuary about 6 thousand years ago.  Note that there is a downward 
spike at around 4,500 years ago. It may explain the 500 hundred year 
absence of staghorn coral in the Keys that we documented in our Coral 
Reefs article some time ago. We are still trying to figure out why more 
than 90 percent of the outer reefs in the keys failed to accumulate much 
over 3 ft during the 6,000 years the area has been underwater. The only 
thick accumulations are the major reefs that have reached sea level and 
usually are marked/named and/or have lighthouses on them. The thickest 
Holocene reefs are landward of the outer reef line. Gene




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