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 From another list. Thought some could be interested.

Thank you.

Mike Nolan

DNA markers in coral might enable scientist to identify individual 
corals and study their genetic diversity. This information could provide 
clues to help with the conservation of coral reefs. Examining coral reef 
diversity and conservation is the subject of the One Species at a Time 
Coral podcast. Dr. Randi Rotjan of the New England Aquarium explains how 
coral reefs - bustling cities of marine life - are being affected by 
rising ocean temperatures.

Read the article: 

Listen to the podcast: http://podcast.eol.org/podcast/coral-0

Meet the scientist in the podcast: Â 

Podcast Extras: http://podcast.eol.org/podcast/coral/extras

The One Species at a Time podcast series is supported by theHarvard 
Museum of Comparative Zoology <http://www.mcz.harvard.edu/>.

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