[Coral-List] CIEE Bonaire: Spring Semester Program Announcement

Rita Peachey RPeachey at ciee.org
Mon Nov 3 10:22:06 EST 2014

Dear Coral LIst membership:

ANNouncement -  Spring '15 semester program

DEADLINE: 1 December 2014 (extended)
Program: Tropical Marine Ecology & Conservation
Brief description:
This is a 13 week integrated research program on Coral Reef Ecology & Conservation for upper-level science undergraduates. The innovative program combines theoretical knowledge and research skills to support the flagship course of the program: Independent Research in Marine Ecology/Biology. In this course, students will select methods and conduct field/laboratory research to answer important questions in the field of coral reef ecology and conservation. Each student will have a faculty advisor and access to an excellent laboratory facility. The Independent Research course results in 5 major learning outcomes: a research proposal, a research plan, a research paper, an oral presentation in a public forum and publication of a scientific journal. Additional learning goals include gaining collaborative research experience including involvement in peer review of other research projects and collaboration with a student researcher to conduct field/laboratory work. The Tropical Marine Conservation Biology and Coral Reef Ecology courses will provide the theoretical basis for the program. The combined courses, Advanced SCUBA and Marine Ecology Field Research Methods, result in students becoming certified AAUS Scientific Divers (American Academy of Underwater Sciences). The Advanced SCUBA course prepares students to manage safe scientific diving and dive emergencies. Lastly, students gain competencies in a wide range of coral reef research skills in the Marine Ecology Field Research Methods course.
Dates: Spring semester (January 31 - May 2, 2015)
Prerequisites: Biology sequence (Environmental Science sequence) and a minimum of 1 upper division ecology/biology course, Open water dive certification, AAUS dive physical, DAN dive insurance
Location: CIEE Research Station Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

Recommended credit: 17 semester credit hours

Students will enroll in the following:
Advanced SCUBA (1 semester credit) MARI 3004 BONA
Marine Ecology Field Research Methods (3 semester credits) MARI 3005 BONA
Independent Research in Marine Ecology/Biology (4 semester credits) INDE 3003 BONA
Coral Reef Ecology (4 semester credits) ECOL 3001 BONA
Cultural & Environmental History of Bonaire ECOL 3003 BONA (2 semester credits)
Tropical Marine Conservation Biology ENVI 3002 BONA/MARI 3003 BONA (3 semester credits)

Apply online http://www.ciee.org/study-abroad/bonaire/bonaire/tropical-marine-ecology-conservation/. To get credit at your home institution: contact your study abroad office to assist you with course approval.  If you have questions: contact info at cieebonaire.org<mailto:info at cieebonaire.org> or call 1-800-40-STUDY

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