[Coral-List] Coral Reef Stories for BBC Ocean Series

Yoland Bosiger Yoland.Bosiger at bbc.co.uk
Tue Nov 4 08:00:18 EST 2014

Dear Coral Scientists and Enthusiasts,

The BBC Natural History Unit is following up from the Blue Planet with a major seven part series to be broadcast in 2017. This series will feature all the major ocean habitats from reefs to open ocean to deep sea and will include everything from marine invertebrates all the way up to marine mammals and seabirds. Through new science and new technology, Ocean aims to reconnect and inspire people about the ocean.

Sarah Conner and I are researchers on the series and are looking for new coral reef stories to feature in our coral reef episode. At the moment we are looking for both place based landscape sequences and individual species ‘character’ led behavioural sequences. These stories need to be relevant and be based in very strong coral reef science. Above all, the stories need to be visual and appeal to a wide general audience.

As passionate coral reef biologists, you are the people who know the most about coral reefs and spend the most time observing new behaviour in the field. We would very much appreciate your insight on new stories that could form a part of this episode. If you have an idea or could point us in the direction of a particular behaviour, please get in touch.

Our emails are sarah.conner at bbc.co.uk and yoland.bosiger at bbc.co.uk

Kind regards,

Yoland Bosiger

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