[Coral-List] Chagos -over and out

Clive Wilkinson clive.wilkinson at rrrc.org.au
Thu Nov 6 01:27:15 EST 2014

To the List
My recent post to the List was certainly not to illustrate that I have the answers to this very complex issue of whether the original population of Chagos should be allowed or encouraged to return. I do not have any answers. My point of that posting was to discuss the issues in a broader context and then step back.

Replies to the List or to me directly are running about a  2 in favour to 1 against ratio. And a few people have  thrown 'hand grenades'.

I will not engage further about whether tuna fishing was not discussed (it was considered), whether I was trying to "govern the poor natives", or consider what happened to uninhabited coral islands 10,000 years ago,  or that I should advise the people on the island of Manhattan to pack and leave (but please take Broadway with them).

Clive Wilkinson

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