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Dear Colleagues:

The International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) awards acknowledge the scholarship and work of members within ISRS. At this time, the ISRS solicits and encourages nominations from members of ISRS for each of the awards listed below. The closing date for receipt of nominations for each award or honor considered annually is December 31st. For additional information, please visit http://coralreefs.org/membership/awards-fellowships/#bpa.http://coralreefs.org/membership/awards-fellowships/#bpa.  Completed nominations can be submitted to ISRS council member Andrea Grottoli (grottoli.1 at osu.edu)

Members Awards

The awards available to full members are the:

  1.  Young Scientist Award: one awarded each year to a scientist under the age of 35, in recognition of a publication or series of publications. [award details and nomination form]<http://coralreefs.org/membership/awards-fellowships/#ysa>
  2.  Mid-Career Scientist Award: one awarded each year in recognition of excellence in research during the preceding approximately 10 years by a mid-career scientist. [award details and nomination form]<http://coralreefs.org/membership/awards-fellowships/#mcsa>
  3.  Eminence in Research Award: up to two awarded per year to an established scientist in recognition of an outstanding body of research over an extended period of time. (The award is seen as being second in status to the Darwin award of which only one is awarded every 4 years.) [award details and nomination form]<http://coralreefs.org/membership/awards-fellowships/#era>
  4.  World Reef Award: one awarded per year in recognition of scientific or conservation achievement by an individual who is a member of a group under-represented in the field of reef science or management. [award details and nomination form]<http://coralreefs.org/membership/awards-fellowships/#wra>
  5.  ISRS Fellow: the status of ISRS Fellow being awarded to a member in recognition of scientific achievement and / or service to reef conservation or management and / or service to ISRS over a significant period of time. Up to 15% of full members may be recognised as Fellows as a result of a competitive application / nomination process. [award details and nomination form]<http://coralreefs.org/membership/awards-fellowships/#isrsf>

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