[Coral-List] submission on Chagos

Ulf Erlingsson ceo at lindorm.com
Thu Nov 6 14:28:18 EST 2014

Personally I believe that the difficulty of reaching a consensus on chagossians return or no return is due to a confusion of values.

Against their return: Environmental concerns*

For their return: Human rights

The deal is that Human Rights are on a different plane than environmental concerns. Human Rights are ABSOLUTE, non-negotiable. The only thing that beats human rights is war.

*There is an asterisk at environmental concerns because this is obviously just a fig leaf. The real reason is geopolitical. The Cold War II, which has now started, is about control over the oceans, just like Cold War I. That is why Chagos matters to the Superpower. And that is why Human Rights are being tossed overboard, with a lame excuse about environmental concerns. Face it: Those of you who argue for the establishment of the protected area and against the return of the people are being used as pawns to help defend a military base of a superpower. If you think it's a good cause, so be it, but don't fool yourselves.

Ulf Erlingsson

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