[Coral-List] Join the International Society for Reef Studies today!

Erinn Muller emuller29 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 14:40:49 EST 2014

Dear Coral-listers,

Have you heard about the impressive new milestones achieved by the
International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) over the past year? Several
exciting changes and additions have occurred that may convince you (if you
are not already a member) to join (or re-join?) this prestigious and active
Society today!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a member of the

*IT’S CHEAP!* – We currently have a new* REDUCED* membership fee structure
with very low dues for students (as low as $20 per year) and those from
developing countries (from as low as $40 per year) – that’s one of the most
affordable memberships for societies out there today!

*AMAZING PERKS!* – ISRS membership also now includes online access to *ALL*
past issues of Coral Reefs – no more tracking down publications from the

*TONS OF AWARDS!* - ISRS now has *FIVE NEW* society awards and honors, from
a Young Scientist Award to The World Reef Award. You also have the
opportunity to receive one of the *FOUR* established honors such as The
Darwin Medal and Graduate Fellowships in Reef Conservation.

*GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS!* - Student members have the ability to
obtain Graduate Fellowships to support their research. Also, students are
now eligible to compete for the Best Poster Award and Best Presentation
Award at the next International Coral Reef Symposium.

*NEW AVENUES FOR PUBLICATIONS!* – You now also have the ability to publish
in Reef Encounter, the ISRS news journal that is a magazine-style
publication including short scientific-letter type papers highlighting new
findings or observations and more!

*SAVE MONEY!* – with *REDUCED* registration fees for Reef conferences, such
as the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium to be held in Honolulu,
Hawaii from the 19th – 24th of June 2016, as well as other regional
conferences that ISRS is sponsoring or planning.

*WE HAVE A COOL NEW WEBSITE!* – Be sure to check out our *NEW and IMPROVED*
website (http://coralreefs.org) that provides all of the information you
need on ISRS and corals reefs.

Go to www.coralreefs.org, click on the Membership tab at the top of the
page, then click on “Become and ISRS Member”. Fill out the Membership form
online, submit your payment information, and you will readily become a
member of the ISRS, with all of the advantages it provides. You may also
use a hard copy application provided at
https://www.sgmeet.com/isrs/files/isrs_memform2014.pdf, which can be
submitted through the postal mail.

We look forward to you joining the ISRS, and taking advantage of these
wonderful achievements produced by the Officers and Councilors of the ISRS.


 Erinn Muller,

Council Member & Membership Drive Co-ordinator

International Society for Reef Studies

Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida

Staff Scientist; Coral Reef Ecology and Microbiology Program

emuller at mote.org

PS: Please let me know if you have any queries or comments about membership
or the process of paying your subscription. We are here to help.

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