[Coral-List] Symbiodinium ITS2 types in Montastraea annularis

Thomas Krueger thomas.krueger at epfl.ch
Fri Nov 7 07:18:57 EST 2014


can someone provide me with some information regarding Symbiodinium ITS2 
types in Orbicella (former Montastraea) annularis. I am particularly 
interested in whether there are patterns of depth zonation with regard 
to Symbiodinium types in the wider Caribbean and particularly in the 
Florida Keys (Key Largo region). Thanks.



*Thomas Krueger */Postdoctoral Researcher/

Laboratory for Biological Geochemistry | École polytechnique fédérale de 
Lausanne (EPFL)

*P*: (+41) 21 69 38039

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