[Coral-List] Requesting suggestions / case studies for a marine life viewing platform on / around coral reefs

Sarah Frias-Torres sfrias_torres at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 24 11:07:39 EST 2014

This is an old school technique, but teaching proper buoyancy control, and gear management (not letting everything hang out there, but tie it up), does wonders in eliminating diver impact on any kind of marine habitat, including coral reefs. I hope the Dive Centers you mention are still teaching both.
Yes, divers tend to "forget", but if they do forget while watching the mandarin fish, then it's easy to take a picture and issue a fine to the offending diver. Let's call it behavioral enforcement

The platform you suggest would probably do more damage to the corals underneath. 

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> Subject: [Coral-List] Requesting suggestions / case studies for a marine life viewing platform on / around coral reefs
> Dear Coral-List,
> I am reaching out to ask if you have any suggestions for a marine life
> viewing platform on / around coral reefs?
> I coordinate Green Fins activities Internationally through The Reef-World
> Foundation and in partnership with UNEP. Green Fins promotes environmental
> standards for the diving and snorkelling industry through mitigation of
> threats posed by the diving industry, and promotion of conservation
> awareness to tourists and local communities. Dive centres sign up as
> members and agree to adhere to the Green Fins Code of Conduct.
> Many of these dive centres are incredibly passionate about reef protection
> particularly from direct damage from divers who get too 'excited' about
> marine life. An example of this are dives concerning the mandarin fish.
> Whilst waiting for the mating ritual, divers often kneel or sit in the
> surrounding area despite environmental content in dive briefings, and
> correction of this behaviour by guides.
> The idea of a submerged platform was raised by the diving industry, the
> original idea was to have a reinforced mesh platform where divers could
> kneel but prevent them from contacting the coral beneath whilst still
> viewing marine life. Green Fins is exploring options for sharing an
> environmentally responsible solution for similar sites around the world
> (where appropriate).
> Any input you may have would be much appreciated,
> Best wishes,
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