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Dear Douglas,

Yes, the story was known. In particular Glynn (Glynn, 1985, Mar Ecol Prog Ser 26, 295-300 and Glynn et al, 1985, Biol Bull 168, 276-284) describe the crustacean behavior, pulling and pushing the spines of Acantaster ; the story is more instructive : following the 1983 El Nino mass bleaching, the crab Trapezia loosed up to 80% of their lipids and quit the bleached/dead corals. And so, without the crutaceans guards of the pocilloporids which make the rim of the lagoon, Acantaster penetrate it and devasted it. A fine story about ecological complexity...


Martin Pecheux

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Crabs protect corals from voracious starfish


The article contains a link to the original paper, which is open-access.

As the authors of the original paper state, it was already well known that
there are crabs that protect corals, but this paper adds some new

I point this article out, to simply let people know that the short popular
article and original paper exist, I'm neither endorsing nor criticizing

Cheers,  Doug

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