[Coral-List] Which sponges have cyanobacterial symbionts ?

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Sat Oct 4 08:26:50 EDT 2014

Dear Coral-Listers,

I think it would be quite interesting to study the bleaching of cyanobacterial-bearing sponges, to get informations from a neglected but quite other system than the zooxanthellae-corals (I study also large foraminifers with diatoms). In preparation of a bleaching experiment, I need to know which sponge order/families/species harbour cyanobacteria. Despite intensive search (in which scholar.google, thanks), I couldn't  find this information.
Does anyone can help me ?
Otherwise I already know that Xestospongia muta, Petrosia pellasarca, Spheciospongia vesparia and Aplysina sp. are those with cyanobacteria who have been reported to bleach in the field (Williams and Bunkley-Williams, 1990, Vicente, 1990, Dennis and Wicklund, 1993).


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