[Coral-List] Vulgarisation on large symbiotic foraminifers, if you want to know more on them......

martin.pecheux at free.fr martin.pecheux at free.fr
Mon Oct 6 05:05:18 EDT 2014

Dear Listers,

With my precedent email on cyanobacterial-bearing sponges, I spoke of large symbiotic foraminifers and this raised interests. Perhaps others might be interested.
I have a very, very vulgarizing text on them of 3-4 pages (symbiosis, form, taxon, habitat, reproduction, geology, collection and culture, carbon uptake, bleaching,...all parrallel of corals)- that I must work out to put in Wikipedia - at http://martin-pecheux.fr/MyBigForams.htm.

Hope you enjoy,

Dr Martin Pecheux
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