[Coral-List] Picture Randomization Software

Christopher Rillahan crillahan at umassd.edu
Fri Oct 17 12:29:15 EDT 2014

Hello Nicole, 

Unfortunately, I am unaware of any commercial or off-the-shelf products. 

However from a programming/coding perspective this seems like a relatively simple process. For video analysis I commonly use the OpenCV libraries in Python. The code steps would be to first determine the number of frames in your video. Second, run a random number generator constrained to the number of frames in video. Then search, return and save the frame number from the random number generator to a jpeg. This would probably only require a couple dozen lines of code. I understand that this may not be very user-friendly if your not familiar with python. 

If you can't find another alternative, we could probably develop something easily if your interested. 


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I'm wondering if anyone would have recommendations for software that 
randomizes picture grabs from video to then do ecological assessments on? 
Prefer if the software is free or more cheaply available, but user-friendly 
software is always nice! Hopefully my description of the method makes 

Thank you! 
Nicole Morgan 

Ph.D. Student 
EOAS, Florida State University 

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