[Coral-List] ISRS - Call for nominations for replacement officers and councillors

Rupert Ormond rupert.ormond.mci at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 11:46:41 EDT 2014

Dear coral-listers,

I trust you will not mind if I use the list as a means of reminding 
members of ISRS (International Society for Reef Studies) to consider 
nominating a suitable colleague or colleagues for the*_posts of 
President, Vice President and Corresponding Secretary of the Society, 
and_**_for 6 replacement Council Members_*_*.*_

_The officers completing their term are Robert Richmond (President), 
Caroline Rogers (Vice President) and Rupert Ormond (Corresponding 
Secretary)._According to the society's constitution the President's post 
is to be held for one term only, and hence Bob Richmond is not eligible 
for re-election.In addition Caroline Rogers  prefers not to serve a 
second term.The Council members completing their term are: Allen Chen, 
Orla Doherty, Nick Graham, Alastair Harborne, Saki Hari, Nicolas Pascal 
and John Ware. In addition Alasdair Edwards has asked to stand down 
early because of other commitments.

*Nominations for the posts of President, Vice-President, or 
Corresponding Secretary, and for members to serve on the council, should 
be sent  by email to me - the current corresponding secretary*  
(rupert.ormond.mci at gmail.com <mailto:rupert.ormond.mci at gmail.com>)***by 
_Monday 10 November.

A nomination should take the form of (1) a short *_Letter of 
Nomination_* ( a few lines simply stating that you wish to nominate the 
candidate) that is signed by a) the proposer, b) the seconder, and c) 
the candidate him/herself (if he/she is not the proposer or seconder), 
and (2) a short (maximum half-page) *_Personal Statement_* in which the 
candidate a) summarises their background and career and b) outlines any 
intentions they may have concerning the post, if elected.This 
information will be circulated with the ballot paper, later in November.

Candidates, proposers and seconders must be paid up members of the 
society. _*But it is not too late to renew your subscription or join 
(and enjoy the other benefits of membership), which can of course be 
done on-line at www.coralreefs.org!)*_


Rupert Ormond

Corresponding Secretary of ISRS
Hon. Professor, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

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