[Coral-List] Leadership to improve coral reefs Management

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Wed Oct 22 13:52:57 EDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,

It is interesting the discussion about what We need to do NOW to improve coral reef management effectiveness. I agree that is necessary to enhance local leadership (goverment, NGO and communities) so environmental law is updated, effective and more restricted to avoid further pollution and overfishing. 
The Foundation ICRI Colombia in Pro of Coral Reefs and our National Network of Volunteer Observers of the Reef is launching the Environmental Campaign "The Month of the Reef" #ElMesDelArrecife" This is a case study of community empowerness to require the governmental action to improve coral reef management by:* Declaring a New Marine Protected Area that includes the coral reefs between Capurganá and Cabo Tiburón* Coordinating between the Environmental and Fisheries National Authorities to update the lionfish culling and bycatch to avoid overfishing of native species* The measurement of Mercury in lionfish tissue as it seems that this invasive species accumulate less than other commercial species, so It can be a good argument to enhance local and open a massive market for national consumption
Nohora Galvis, Director, Fundación ICRI Colombia en pro de los Arrecifes CoralinosFor more information, please follow us by Twitter @ArrecifesCoral https://www.facebook.com/ICRI.COLOMBIAhttp://icri-colombia.blogspot.com/


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