[Coral-List] The Chagos marine protected area

Sheppard, Charles Charles.Sheppard at warwick.ac.uk
Sun Oct 26 06:14:08 EDT 2014

We have noted that on this and many other occasions Messrs Snoxall and Dunne have disagreed with the view of CCT and the creation of the fully protected marine reserve in Chagos.  

Our view along with very many others is that the marine reserve is an very valuable asset to the conservation of marine life in the Indian Ocean and a very valuable resource for science and ultimately for people. The claim that the no-take policy is another barrier preventing the Chagossians from returning to the islands is unfounded. The MPA declaration states that the level of protection would be reviewed - in full consultation with the Chagossians – in the case of resettlement. With the cleanest tested sea water in the world, a staggering diversity of marine life, and a site of resilience within a heavily over-exploited West Indian Ocean, Chagos is an underwater sanctuary that deserves to be afforded the ultimate protection.  

We do not believe coral-listers want their website to be filled with long explanations as to why "they" or "we" are wrong, we will therefore not be responding further to their allegations, but will rely on the above statement, but at anytime coral-listers can refer to our website at www.chagos-trust..org .

Best wishes

Charles  Sheppard

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