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Ron Eytan eytanr at tamug.edu
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The lab of Ron Eytan (www.roneytanlab.com) at Texas A&M at Galveston is seeking outstanding and highly motivated PhD students for Fall of 2015. My lab studies the origin and maintenance of marine biodiversity, primarily in coral reef fishes, using genomic and computational methods. My lab has broad interests in phylogenomics and phylogeography, population genetics/genomics, and the geography and genetics of speciation in reef fishes. We work primarily in the Caribbean, but plan to expand to the Gulf of Mexico.
          Current projects in the lab include 1) the study of hybrid breakdown in coral reef fishes, where we combine genomic data with live animal work, 2) cryptic speciation in Caribbean reef fishes, 3) using genomic data to track population fluctuations in reef fishes, 4) and phylogenomics, where we are sequencing hundreds to thousands of genetic markers for phylogenetic inference at both deep and shallow time scales.
          Students are free to develop their own project or work on ongoing research in the lab. All student projects can involve a mix of field work, lab work, and computing. Previous experience in any of these areas is a plus, as are excellent written and oral communication skills. Assistantships are available for PhD student funding.
          Students are admitted to TAMUG through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Marine Biology (IDP). General information about the program, as well as application deadlines, can be found here: http://www.tamug.edu/marb/Graduate/graduate.html
          The Department of Marine Biology at TAMUG is home to a diverse, interdisciplinary faculty that provides instruction and training in evolution, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, anatomy, taxonomy, physiology, and the behavior and ecology of estuarine/marine flora and fauna. The department is housed in new and modern facilities with brand new lab space. It is also home to the Sea Life Facility (http://www.tamug.edu/sealife/Index.html), which has phenomenal resources for live animal work and breeding.
          Texas A&M University at Galveston is a special-purpose institution of higher education for undergraduate and graduate instruction in marine and maritime studies in science and for research and public service related to the general field of marine resources. The institution is under the management and control of the Board of Regents of The Texas A&M University System, with degrees offered under the name and authority of Texas A&M University at College Station.
          Galveston is located on the Gulf Coast of Texas, 50 miles south of Houston. It provides easy access to field sites in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a beautiful community with over 30 miles of beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, abundant leisure activities, excellent medical facilities, and first-rate restaurants.

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