[Coral-List] coral isotope ecology manuscripts (1970s) PDF-request, please

Matthew Q Lucas matthew.lucas at upr.edu
Tue Sep 2 10:11:33 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

I am searching for some older papers.  Can anyone generously provide a copy
of one or more of the following papers, please.

Weber JN, Woodhead PMJ (1970) C and O isotope fractionation in the skeletal
carbonate of reef-building corals. Chem Geol 6:93–117

Weber JN, Woodhead PMJ (1972a) Temperature dependence of oxygen-18
concentration in reef coral carbonates. J Geophys Res 77:463–473

Weber JN, Woodhead PMJ (1972b) Stable isotope ratio variations in
non-scleractinian coelenterate carbonates as a function of temperature. Mar
Biol 15:293–297

 Thank you,
Matt Lucas

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