[Coral-List] Follow-up: NOAA lists 20 new corals

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 5 13:01:34 EDT 2014

   Hi Vassil,

   I understand that an action like listing an additional 20 coral species as
   threatened under the ESA would require more than just legal maneuvering, but
   according to NOAA's statement "The final decision to list these 20 corals is
   a result of the most extensive rulemaking ever undertaken by NOAA. The
   amount  of  scientific  information sought, obtained, and analyzed was
   unprecedented.  This  information included general reef-building coral
   biology, habitat characteristics and threats, as well as species-specific
   spatial, demographic, and other information for the individual coral species
   in the final rule". Sometimes you need lawyers to assure that laws like the
   ESA are not circumvented, but looks like scientists had a major role as
   well. Which gets me back to my initial question. What specifically is the
   problem with using the ESA

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     >Hi Steve,
     >Your questions are very good and address the entire problem. The
     >quick answer to your first question is: When you are sick, you go
     >first to reliable doctor and not to lawyers' assistance. The answers
     >for your other questions require joint efforts of specialists with the
     >best knowledge, experience and integrity in order to formulate a
     >vision for the existing problems and to discuss it with federal
     >agencies for plotting a more effective course designed to protect
     >coral reefs.
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