[Coral-List] 20 newly listed coral species

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 19 15:30:23 EDT 2014

   Hi Shaye,
   Thanks for your clear explanation relating to the purpose and objectives of
   the Center for Biological Diversity and of the impending impacts of the ESA
   listing. Seems pretty straight forward to me. Listers have been discussing
   ways to increase public awareness of the issues affecting coral reefs for
   some time, so let's hope that this step will lead to broader concern and
   ultimately the implementation of a much needed plan of action. I would like
   to point out that the NY Times recently ran an Op-Ed piece that illustrates
   that at the very least the recent ESA listing is increasing exposure to the
   urgency of the issue at hand.
   Now,  we  just  need  to get behind the effort and continue to explore
   additional ways to enhance public awareness and sensibilities so that these
   20 corals may one day be added to the auspicious list of recovering plant
   and animal species .

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