[Coral-List] The Chagos MPA - what went wrong?

Richard Dunne RichardPDunne at aol.com
Mon Sep 29 03:33:14 EDT 2014

Doug Fenner also criticised Fred Pearce's piece in New Scientist:

"Looks to me like the first article is a political article, seems to me 
that as a scientific journal, New Scientist has sullied its reputation 
by publishing a purely political article."

"The New Scientist article you point to is labelled as an "Opinion" 
piece. That is a cue to the reader that this is not a news article, and 
is not held to the standards of objectivity and balance that good 
journalism requires of articles.  Instead, it is on the Editorial page, 
it is opinion.  It appears to present only one side of the issue.  
Readers should keep that in mind."

Would Doug like to tell us what the "other side of the issue" is then? 
Presumably he, like Fred Pearce has read these confidential memoranda? I 
have, and what Fred reports is entirely accurate. There is no slant, in 
fact the memoranda make even more revealing reading. The politics in all 
this is what happened behind the closed doors of government not in what 
Pearce reports.

I am puzzled by what upsets Doug about all this.  I am sure that New 
Scientist would welcome a soundly argued and factually accurate response 
to Fred Pearce.

Richard Dunne

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