[Coral-List] Reassessing Coral Reef Scientists

Walt Smith walt at waltsmith.com
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Hi All,
Eugene has put across an interesting paper but there could be plenty of room
to doubt.
I would like to point out an interesting conflict regarding the recent noaa
charts that are being distributed.
This chart clearly shows that Fiji is in the "clear" however, it make me
wonder where this information comes from.
Our team is on the reef every day and cover a good part of the two main
islands and I can tell you first hand that the bleaching is devastating and
possibly the worst year yet. More than 80% of what we see is bleached and
even the soft corals are effected severely. In some spots it is very close
to 100% devastated and our coral farms with over 90,000 newly planted corals
are all (100%) lost. 
We are in the process of putting a video together to post on you tube and
when we do I will publish the link here.
Walt Smith

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Listers, Here is a report of work done by coral scientists in Australia
readers might want to reassess. Gene


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