[Coral-List] SUS Expeditions: Funding for Summer 2015 student researchers Now Available!

Robin T Smith PhD info at scienceundersail.org
Thu Apr 9 00:01:26 EDT 2015

Want to learn to sail, conduct meaningful research, and make a difference - all in 18 days? Science under Sail Institute for Exploration (SUSiE) is a nonprofit organization offering a unique opportunity for college students to conduct coral reef research in the Exuma archipelago of the Bahamas. For 18 days, you live aboard a research sailing vessel and travel to remote islands to conduct research, surveys, and participate in a vessel grounding restoration project.

 As of today, funding is available to help supplement the cost of tuition for our Summer 2015 trips! We’ve launched a 20-day fundraising campaign - Spring for Impact - allowing students to independently fundraise using our peer-to-peer platform, with the opportunity to obtain matching funds of up to 2k! All together, that is the opportunity to raise up to $4,000 for an amazing summer research experience - none of which needs to come from your bank account.

 Intrigued? Space is extremely limited, so apply today and start fundraising! We have positions open aboard both our Leg 2 (June 21 - July 8) and Leg 3 (July 12 - July 29) Expeditions.

 If you were ever interested in our summer programs but finances were a barrier, now is the time to apply!


For more information about our Summer 2015 Expeditions and Spring for Impact campaign, visit www.scienceundersail.org <http://www.scienceundersail.org/>, and www.scienceundersail.org/susiefellows.

http://www.scienceundersail.org/susiefellows <http://www.scienceundersail.org/susiefellows> 

Interested in supporting one of our outstanding SUSiE Fellows? Find out how at www.scienceundersail.org/thesusiesociety <http://www.scienceundersail.org/thesusiesociety>

Contact: info at scienceundersail.org <mailto:info at scienceundersail.org>

Cheers and fair winds!

Science under Sail Institute for Exploration

Science under Sail Expeditions
info at scienceundersail.org
www.scienceundersail.org <http://www.scienceundersail.org/>

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