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Attack the messenger is necessary when a piece of news is obviously edited to mislead lay readers. This is bad because it allows opportunists to spread the wrong message, assuming that it was published by a supposed “trustful” source. I don’t believe that those opportunists are naive enough to believe in what they spread. What amazes me is their naiveté in that they will fool a bunch of intelligent people with such sloppy journalism..


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> Guess I stirred up a lot of muddy water with the report on coral growth 
> in the Australian newspaper. I thank Dough Fenner for pointing out that 
> the report is on a 2012 paper published in Science.I missed that however 
> I do remember reading the original paper. I think the take home message 
> is that in areas where the water is usually quite cool it is logical for 
> coral growth to increase when the water warms. Think “just right” as in 
> the Goldilocks story.And yes Porities is a fairly tough coral.While with 
> USGS we cored large Porities heads that survived near Atomic bomb tests 
> at Eniwetok atoll. Based on analysis of annual growth rings we found 
> that several smaller heads began growing on the edge of a bomb crater 
> within a year of the event.
> The photo of the diver coring the head coral appalled Dennis Hubbard as 
> it did me. The photo showed all the divers equipment as well as the 
> diver resting on the coral head. In the past we cored over a hundred 
> head corals and never touched them except with the drill bit.
> It was interesting that one reader took the “kill the messenger” 
> approach taking the newspaper to task because it is a Rupert Murdock 
> product. Is that the way we do science? Read the article in Science and 
> evaluate that.
> Earlier comments about the hypocrisy of coral scientists using air 
> travel to study distant coral reefs, reminded me of a recent gathering 
> of climate activists in Switzerland. They came from far and wide in 
> approximately 700 different private jets. Yes it was reported on Fox 
> news. What other network would have reported it?Hypocrisy is all around 
> us. It shows up when we attack the messenger instead of the message. Gene
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