[Coral-List] REMINDER: 2015 Summer Coral Histopathology Course

Esther Peters estherpeters at verizon.net
Tue Apr 14 21:11:15 EDT 2015

The 3-credit graduate-level course, "Corals from the Inside Out: 
Comparative Histopathology," will be presented this summer at Nova 
Southeastern University's (NSU) Oceanographic Center, beginning May 11. 
Registration is open now!

Information is available at 

This course presents the microscopic anatomy of scleractinian corals and 
gorgonians (Phylum Cnidaria, Class Anthozoa) to support studies on their 
ecology, physiology, reproduction, biochemistry, systematics, molecular 
biology/genetics, immunology, embryology, and pathology. Topics covered 
include histology; coral diseases; sample collection, preservation, 
processing, and histoslide preparation (lecture and discussion only, no 
laboratory); and slide reading of healthy and diseased specimens using 
light microscopy and virtual microscopy. The course begins with online 
readings, research, and assignments, and then students will meet at 
NSUOC for one week of full-time lecture and laboratory sessions July 
13-17 (with final exam on the 17th); students complete assignments 
before the course ends July 31, submitting them to Dr. Peters by e-mail 
for grading. Participants may bring histoslides from their own research 
to share with the group and discuss with Dr. Peters.

Non-NSU students need to contact Melissa Dore (missy at nova.edu) to learn 
how to register and complete the paperwork. The cost is $3,294 for the 
3-credit course or $1,647 to audit the course, plus application ($50), 
registration ($25), and lab ($10) fees. Students not living in the area 
can reserve a hotel room at a discounted rate (please contact Corinne 
Lee, lcorinne at nova.edu, to obtain information on lodging), but will be 
responsible for all travel, hotel, and meal expenses. No scholarships 
are available.

Esther Peters, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty
Nova Southeastern University
epeters at nova.edu

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