[Coral-List] Hawaii Coral Nursery Job Opportunities

David.A.Gulko at hawaii.gov David.A.Gulko at hawaii.gov
Wed Apr 22 20:50:58 EDT 2015

The State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources is finalizing 
construction of an innovative Coral Restoration Nursery to fragment and 
grow native corals to mitigate losses to the Island?s natural reefs from 
human-caused impact events. We currently have four (4) full-time openings 
for: a Coral Nursery Operations Manager, a Coral Nursery Mitigation 
Specialist, and two (2) Coral Nursery Technicians. The Coral Mitigation 
Specialist would specialize in growing corals from fragments in indoor 
tanks. The positions would be located at the Hawaii Division of Aquatic 
Resources? Anuenue Fisheries Research Center located on Sand Island on the 
island of Oahu near downtown Honolulu. All four positions involve 
conducting coral nursery and coral mitigation activities, including coral 
husbandry, coral restoration, and maintenance of both indoor and outdoor 
coral and live rock cultures and colonies. Assists the Division of Aquatic 
Resources (DAR) in the assessment of coral in Oahu small boat harbors 
relative to mitigation and restoration activities. Work would involve 
coral fragmentation and grow-out, indoor seawater supplies and source 
coral fragment cultures, and outdoor microcosm pools and raceways, in 
addition to maintaining all lab facilities and equipment. Perform minor 
aquaculture facility repair and fabrication duties associated with 
aquaculture and husbandry of live corals.  All positions require the 
ability to work outdoors, in/around seawater for extended periods, and 
coming in contact with corals and other marine organisms. Prefer 
applicants with experience maintaining live stony coral and saltwater 
systems for extended periods for public aquariums and aquaculture 
facilities. Most (but not all) of the positions require the applicant to 
be SCUBA-certified (NAUI, PADI, etc.) and meet the standards established 
by DAR?s diver certification process (which meets the standards set by the 
Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and hold current 
certifications in CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Oxygen Administration. All 
positions require the successful applicant to maintain saltwater aquaria, 
outdoor aquaculture tanks, and raceways in a manner that ensures the 
maintenance, growth, and reproductive viability of the contained marine 
life. For specific requirements and to apply for any of the four open 
positions, please visit www.rcuh.com, click on ?Employment?; select 
?Apply? and navigate to ?See Job Announcements and/or Apply for a Job, 
Enter keyword ?coral?.? For questions or additional information please 
contact Dave Gulko at david.a.gulko at hawaii.gov or +1 (808) 294-4280.  
Positions close May 6, 2015. Please note that the State of Hawaii cannot 
reimburse for any relocation expenses.

Dave Gulko, Aquatic Biologist IV - Coral Reefs, NRD Incident Response
Division of Aquatic Resources
Hawai?i Department of Land & Natural Resources
1151 Punchbowl Street, room 330
Honolulu, HI  96813

(808) 587-0318 (o), (808) 587-0115 (fax)
(808) 294-4280 (cell)
david.a.gulko at hawaii.gov

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