[Coral-List] conservation vs wildlife viewing/interaction

Ellen Prager pragere at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 29 10:22:23 EDT 2015

Dear coral listers

Thought some of you might appreciate my blog about finding a balance between wildlife conservation and viewing/ interaction at http://mission-blue.org/2015/04/the-manatees-hug/

This also pertains to the diving industry and coral reefs. I've been following the ongoing discussions here. Yes, I believe the diving industry needs to educate divers about proper diving behavior and conserving coral reefs. And I'd love to see the diving industry become more active in promoting conservation. However, it is a delicate balance for them. If dive operators go around saying coral reefs are dead or dying, they will lose the customer base that keeps them in operation and gives them access to divers to educate them. And we lose the economic incentives from the tourist industry for regional managers and policymakers to invest in better coral reef protection. 

I'd love to think that everyone loves coral reefs and wants to protect them for scientific, ecologic, or ethical reasons….but $$$$$ are an incentive we cannot afford to lose.


Dr. Ellen Prager
Earth2Ocean, Inc

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