[Coral-List] RNA Extraction for coral expertise needed

Sara Campana sc9 at hw.ac.uk
Fri Aug 7 09:47:42 EDT 2015


I'm working on gene expression with the coral Stylophora pistillata.
I developed a procedure to extract the RNA with Qiagen Kit which has been working on more than 50 samples, but suddenly in the last three days none of my samples seem to have any RNA.
I'm following the exact same procedure, but the results are almost nil.
I've been going through a series of experiment to exclude possible problems: I tried to use fresh instead of frozen samples to test if the storage could be affecting the samples, I tried to use a different homogenization method, I tried to work in a different lab in cooler conditions, but nothing seems to be working anymore.
I tried my procedure with a sample from mussel and it did work perfectly, the problem seems to be confined to coral tissue and I can't think about any other cause.

If someone had similar issues or have further suggestion, please let me know.

Many thanks,
Sara Campana.
sc9 at hw.ac.uk

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