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Subject: New paper on coral-algae competition
To: coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov

Open access: “Morphological and community changes of turf algae in
competition with corals” by N. P. Cetz-Navarro, L. I. Quan-Young & J.
Espinoza-Avalos. Scientific Reports 5: 12814. (

Eight morphological characters of four species of stoloniferous clonal
filamentous turf algae (FTA), and the composition and number of turf algae
(TA) in competition for space with the coral Orbicella spp. under
experimental and non-manipulated conditions were evaluated. All FTA
exhibited morphological responses, such as increasing the formation of new
ramets. The characters modified by each FTA species, and the number and
composition of TA species growing next to coral tissue differed from that
of the TA growing at ≥3 cm. The specific and community responses indicate
that some species of TA can actively colonise coral tissue and that
fundamental competitive interactions between the two types of organisms
occur within the first millimetres of the coral−algal boundary. The
findings of this study suggest that the morphological plasticity, high
number, and functional redundancy of stoloniferous TA species favour their
colonisation of coral tissue and resistance against coral invasion.

Julio Espinoza-Avalos
Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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