[Coral-List] Potential job opportunity in Indonesia

mtupper mtupper at coastal-resources.org
Fri Aug 7 21:58:24 EDT 2015

Dear List,
The following job ad is more related to mangroves than coral reefs per se, but
it also applies in general to marine (and terrestrial) biodiversity in
Indonesia, so I'm sure there will be interested people on the list.

Biodiversity Conservation/Wildlife Trafficking Specialist

Amec Foster Wheeler

Jakarta, Indonesia

Apply by Oct 31, 2015

Responsibilities and Duties:

The Wildlife Trafficking Specialist serves as the lead technical specialist for
the improved management of conservation areas and protection of key marine and
terrestrial species. In this capacity, the specialist advises and supports the
Chief of Party in the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy
to improve the management of conservation areas and the protection of key
species, especially those targeted for wildlife trafficking. In planning and
executing this strategy, he/she must collaborate with and build upon the efforts
of a host of other GOI, USG, internationally-assisted and civil society
activities. He/she will furnish leadership to concerned staff, subcontractors
and grantees and provide day-to-day direction of all activities pertaining to
biodiversity conservation, particularly measures to counter wildlife

 This position is contingent upon contract award and client funding.

 Minimum Qualifications:

* At least three years of experience with efforts to prevent and interdict the
trafficking of wildlife and wildlife products,
* Experienced in policy reform, data gathering, surveillance, investigation,
prosecution, customs operations, and monitoring related financial flows.
* Proficient in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

 Preferred Qualifications:

*  Strong preference will be given to candidates with experience in supporting
the establishment or operations of broad government and/or non-governmental
platforms instituted to share information and coordinate anti-trafficking
planning and enforcement actions.

 For further information contact Mark Tupper at mark.tupper at amecfw,com
<mailto:mark.tupper at amecfw,com> or call +63-905-280-0792.

Dr. Mark Tupper
Senior Marine Sciences Manager
International Development Program Management Office
Amec Foster Wheeler
Makati City, Philippines 
mark.tupper at amecfw.com

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