[Coral-List] Intensive Course Offering: Ecology and Conservation of Oceanic Islands and Seamounts

James Herlan boro.stylee at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 09:09:33 EDT 2015

For all interested parties,

Oceanic islands and seamounts can be considered oases of productivity and
biodiversity; however, their communities are at risk from human activities
and natural and anthropogenic global change. This course will focus on the
ecology and conservation of these communities. Through lectures,
discussions, and hands-on laboratory and field work, students will learn
and apply modern techniques for the study of seamounts and ocean islands
and the strategies and problems facing their management and conservation.

Experts in the field will give a seminar, lecture, and lead discussions on
relevant topics (e.g., biodiversity, depth zonation, MPAs, impacts of
fisheries and global change, biogeography, and management constraints)
during the first three days. The last two days will consist of laboratory
and/or field work with the visiting professors: Dr. Duffy, Dr. Friedlander,
Dr. MacDonald, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Watling.

Applying students must indicate in their application their first, second,
and third choice of professor for the field/lab days so that we can
pre-assign 4-6 students to each professor on Thursday and Friday. Students
will be with one professor on Thursday and another professor on Friday.

Enrollment is open to doctoral students.  Masters students will only be
accepted if space is available.

Enrollment is limited to 25 students.  Students must be sufficiently
competent in English to participate in all aspects of the course.  We may
request an interview to evaluate your English comprehension.

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