[Coral-List] The Reef Finder - an ocean literacy / citizen science tool for everyone

Russell Kelley russellkelley at mac.com
Wed Aug 19 19:20:12 EDT 2015

Dear Coral Listerers

I am pleased to announce the publication and global availability of the Reef Finder - a visually driven, plain language, ocean literacy tool that anyone can use.

www.byoguides.com/reeffinder/ <http://www.byoguides.com/reeffinder/>

The Reef Finder has been designed for students, researchers, recreational divers and citizen scientists and will be an important resource for capacity building in teaching, research and management.

To celebrate the launch of the Reef Finder all BYOGUIDES are available at 15% discount until the end of August using the discount code...   citizenscience   ...from www.byoguides.com 

Like it’s sister publication the Coral Finder, the Reef Finder reverse engineers the “What is that?” question in favour of the user. It allows the interested person to put most fish or invertebrates into a “group”. It then gives the user the most useful common name and visual characters to confirm the ID via post dive look-up and learning using traditional topside field guides / resources. 

The Reef Finder:
- is the first searchable field guide via it’s VISUAL INDEX
- is the first comprehensive field guide that you can take diving or use wet handed
- is written in a helpful plain language style and only describes features you can actually see in situ   
- allows the user to get rapid results without formal knowledge or training. 

It does all this using visual logic instead of technical words and abstract concepts. The user can search a 9 page VISUAL INDEX using common shapes e.g. “spirals", "sausages", "threads", "ribbons", "fans" etc. as well as useful categories like “holes", “tentacles", even “sediments". Anyone with a good eye for detail can drive it making it easy and fun to explore unburdened by the tyranny of assumed knowledge.
Kind regards


Russell Kelley
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Author: Indo Pacific Coral Finder and the Reef Finder - the world’s first searchable, underwater ID smart guide.


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