[Coral-List] CO2 risks for coral reefs warrant an ambitious climate treaty

Jean-Pierre Gattuso gattuso2 at obs-vlfr.fr
Mon Aug 24 14:58:30 EDT 2015

Hi Coral-Listers,

I disagree with Eugene Shinn's point of view. Although the situation for 
coral reefs will be bad even with RCP2.6, the high mitigation scenario 
compatible with the Copenhagen Accord of limiting the global increase in 
temperature to 2°C compared to preindustrial. However, it will be 
considerably worse with RCP8.5, the business-as-usual scenario, not only 
for coral reefs but for other ecosystems as well. Hence, although the 
future of coral reefs is grim indeed, decisions taken at COP21 in Paris 
can make a big difference.

More information in this Science review article:

Access to free pdf here:

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> Peter I agree, As you know. and pretty much say in your post, If we 
> stop
> CO2 emissions tomorrow it will stay in the atmosphere (but likely at
> slightly reduced levels) to the end of the century. If Co2 really is
> killing corals then they will be gone anyway. Like it or not we are
> pretty much stuck with fossil fuels for the next several decades
> regardless any decisions made in Copenhagen. Best thing we can do is
> continue to manage what we have now. Gene

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