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Roger Griffis - NOAA Federal roger.b.griffis at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 25 14:32:50 EDT 2015

Colleagues - FYI and distribution thank you.

Announcement re:  NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries) announces release of
the NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy.  The full Strategy, Highlights
document and other information are available at:

The Strategy responds to growing demands for information and tools to
prepare for and respond to climate impacts on marine and coastal resources
– and the people, businesses and communities that depend on them.

>From warming oceans and rising seas, to droughts and ocean acidification,
climate-related impacts are expected to increase with continued changes in
the planet’s climate system.

The Strategy is part of a proactive approach to increase the production,
delivery, and use of climate-related information to fulfill NOAA Fisheries
mission.  The Strategy identifies seven objectives to provide
decision-makers with information to reduce impacts and increase resilience
in a changing climate.

The Strategy is designed to be customized and implemented through Regional
Action Plans that build regional capacity, partners, products and services
to address the Strategy’s seven objectives.

For more information, see http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/ecosystems/climate/

or contact Roger Griffis, Climate Change Coordinator (301-427-8134 or
*roger.b.griffis at noaa.gov
<roger.b.griffis at noaa.gov>)*.

Roger B. Griffis
Climate Change Coordinator, NOAA Fisheries Service
Silver Spring, MD 20910
301-427-8134 (office), 301-980-4694 (cell)
roger.b.griffis at noaa.gov

Find out more at:


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