[Coral-List] Science activities for young people

Leslie Revel lcrevel at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 10:04:15 EDT 2015

Hello Coral-listers, 

I’m looking for some environmental education activities for students ages 12-16 for an after school program that meets once a week. 

Background: we live on a tiny island in the Caribbean, with access to ocean for snorkeling, and some of kids are scuba certified divers. We have a boat we can use, as well as kayaks. 
Activities I already have planned include:
- making plankton tows out of pantyhose to tow behind the boat
- exploring water pollution (specifically oil spills) and learning how to do bacterial and chemical testing of water 
- lionfish workshop: learning about anatomy, performing a dissection, and learning how to clean and filet the fish safely. 
- I was thinking something with aquaculture would be cool, but I don’t have anything planned for that so far 

Any other ideas/activities would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you,
Leslie Revel

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