[Coral-List] "adopt a coral genome"

Mikhail Matz matz at utexas.edu
Tue Dec 1 02:13:38 EST 2015

Dear colleagues - 

Our crowdfunding project ( http://bit.ly/1VUDwuz ) has only four days to go - I would be tremendously grateful if you pass the word around though your social media, one last time. 

It has been slow, but we are almost at the level when we can deliver one open-access genome draft. I would like to state once again that we are committed to immediately releasing the genomics data from this project for unrestricted use to the research community - I will post the links to the data on these email lists as soon as it is off the assembly pipeline.  

I attached suggested posts for Twitter and Facebook below this message. 

many thanks in advance!

Mikhail V. Matz
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Integrative Biology
web http://www.bio.utexas.edu/research/matz_lab

Suggested Twitter posts:

Adopt a coral genome! help fund open-accss coral genomics http://bit.ly/1VUDwuz 
Can corals adapt to climate change? Click here if you care: http://bit.ly/1VUDwuz 
Open-acces genomics to predict the future of Caribbean reefs. http://bit.ly/1VUDwuz 

Suggested Facebook post:

Can corals adapt to climate change? This is one of the most critical unknowns in reef conservation planning, very difficult to assess experimentally. @MikhailMatz team at University of Texas at Austin proposes an original solution: http://bit.ly/1VUDwuz. Using state-of-the-art genomic approaches, they will reconstruct rises and falls of Caribbean reefs in response to past climate changes over the last 100,000 years. This project is crowdfunded, so you can help this research directly. Even $25 helps, but there is also “adopt a coral genome” option that will merit a personal acknowledgment in the forthcoming research paper and the note “Adopted by…” accompanying the genome release. 

Some images to go with it:

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