[Coral-List] Florida Protect Our Reefs Grant announcements

David Vaughan dvaughan at mote.org
Tue Dec 1 16:00:40 EST 2015

Dear Coral List servers;

     I am proud to announce the 11th year of the Mote Marine Laboratory, 
Florida Protect Our Reefs Grant Program. During the first ten years we 
have received and reviewed over 325 proposals. Grants have been awarded 
to over 153 projects for a total of $3.4 million. With matching funds 
included the total is over $6 million dollars in reef related research, 
conservation and education were supported.
     Eligible organizations shall be based in Florida, USA and engaged 
in reef research, education and/or conservation. Applicants must be a 
public agency, educational institution or a non-profit entity.   
Priorities are similar to those outlined by the Florida Keys National 
Marine Sanctuary Science Plan, and the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation 
Program.  Primary focus will be on projects that significantly enhance 
the capabilities of coral reef ecosystem resource managers to more 
effectively utilize science-based information in promoting and 
implementing the restoration and long-term sustainable use of these 
ecosystems in an increasingly acidic marine environment.
     The Notice of the Request for Proposals for 2016 plus the 
background and guidelines for proposal submittals, can be found on our 
Mote website:


Proposals are due: March 1, 2016.
Any questions about the program should be directed to: DVaughan at Mote.org

Thank you,
Dave Vaughan, PhD

Executive Director
Mote Tropical Research Lab, Florida Keys.
Coral Reef Restoration Program manager
Protect Our Reef Grants manager

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