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Hello all,

Appreciate your comments Les.

An estimated 80% of remaining global biological
diversity—including corals-- and 95% of cultural diversity is housed within
local, indigenous tenure.  And yet less than 1% of Climate Change adaptation
funds head in this direction. The conservation logic is clear yet
challenging to the scientific community as science to action in the field 
must upend some aspects of
authority and change the process;  best science must be carefully negotiated
into the terms and practices of local custom and leadership.  This can
be achieved through a personal and intimate process of social inclusion and
indigenous privilege that will test and modify controlled structures and 

Working this out is one core mission of Island Reach operating in the US and
Vanuatu.  When elite scientific and business resources
refuse to privilege those who hold local social and geographic
authority of scalable conservation--to the detriment of us all-- a form of
colonialism and resource competition is evident.


Brooks McCutchen, Ph.D. & Janis Steele, Ph.D.
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Hi everybody.

Is this about developers, or more about the requirements of citizenship in a 
watershed, as enforced by its native and naturalized population?

In Oceania, when you are in a watershed community (a vanua) you are bound by 
the rules of the community and the rule of the chiefs.  So should it be all 
over the world.  If that rule is wise, then you will be forbidden to do 
anything that harms others, or even influences others without a village 
consensus and ruling on the matter.

So who’s really falling down on the job here?


Les Kaufman
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Boston University Marine Program
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Conservation International
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