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Hi Jeremy,

 The Climate Change and Coral Reefs working
group at IUCN put together some instructional videos on coral bleaching in
2007-9. These were nine clips of 3-4 minutes on the topics listed below, and
distributed on a CD that could be played in their entirety, or one by one. The
videos were also translated into Arabic and released in the Red Sea/Gulfs area.
The work was supported by the MacArthur Foundation, while the Arabic
translation was supported by HEPCA.

The English versions are available on CORDIO
East Africa’s youtube channel and also accessible from a dedicated web-page,
while the Arabic versions may be requested from HEPCA. All links below.

Bleaching video topics

About coral bleaching

 Coral Acclimatization

 Zooxanthellae clades



 Coral strategies


 Water movement 

 Resilience-base management


CORDIO webpage - http://cordioea.net/bleaching_resilience/coral-bleaching-videos/

CORDIO youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/cordioea

Arabic version:

HEPCA - http://www.hepca.org/



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