[Coral-List] reaching the masses

Ellen Prager pragere at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 10 09:14:07 EST 2015

First off, Jim, thanks for your continued efforts with the list. Regarding your note, I for one like getting notification of relevant new papers with the abstracts. Hard to follow the field with so many journals and publications now available. 

As has been noted numerous times, it's hard to reach out to the broader public to create a more informed citizenry regarding coral reefs, climate change, etc. Often we have the message but no way to reach the right non-science audience. 

Here are a couple of new things I'm trying this year:

The third book, Stingray City, in my fiction series for middle graders that combines adventure and humor with learning about marine life, oceans, and real-world ocean issues will be released May 2016.

I'm teaming with with Sunset House dive resort in Grand Cayman to create an eco-dive week in July to combine diving and fun learning about coral reefs. 
It's an experiment so we'll let you know how it goes.

I'm also headlining a couple of Caribbean Cruises for Celebrity Cruise lines, have created a trivia game show for their ships focused on the ocean, coral reefs, Caribbean geology, conservation, etc and recommended a list of good science speakers for the public.

If you have a great coral reef talk that is entertaining and informative for the general public, please let me know….I get asked often to recommend speakers and would love to recommend more scientists that can speak about coral reefs.

If you have other related ideas and are looking for collaboration or someone to run them by, please get in touch. 


Dr. Ellen Prager
Earth2Ocean, Inc

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