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Dear Jim,

These are some good ideas.  May I recommend that if people choose to follow
this lead, that they only post "abstracts" that they think are relevant to
debated issues and the list as a whole.  There are many good papers out
there that can help us to understand the basis of many of the problems our
ecosystems are experiencing, and perhaps it would be best to focus on these.
I think this would also help to avoid the overload.  

Just a thought.  



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Greetings, Coral-Listers!

    One of our ongoing points of discussion has been how to educate the
masses to the plight of coral reefs.  Consider that the combined knowledge
of all us Coral-Listers is huge, though many of us are reticent to post what
we do and what our thoughts are.  I would like to propose to you that a
combined effort of gaining more members to our community, added to an
enhanced effort to relay to all the rest of our community what we do, might
be of value in the edification of all of us (and new students to coral reef
ecology) in those areas where we are not so well versed.  This proposal is a
double-edged sword.  On the one hand more knowledge might be circulated, but
on the other hand, it is Yet Another Email that crams our in-boxes.  Well,
you can always delete based on what the subject line is, and maybe we could
also require that the Subject line have something like, for example,
"ABSTRACT: The Genomics of Coral Bleaching" or whatever.  So, if we have
"ABSTRACT" in the Subject line, your email client can filter it in or out,
depending upon your interest.  If we adopt this, it would be best that the
description of the subject be concise and succinct, rather than the whole
title (if it's a long one).  Yeah, I know, the literature is huge--if we all
started posting our Abstracts it might result in information overload and
nobody reads them.  (And this of course makes more work for us Coral-List

    Maybe this isn't such a good idea, but you've seen that in the past that
some of us post links and abstracts of new papers to the list.  To me, those
are informative and if I don't read the article, well at least I've learned
a little about the subject.  I know some people feel posting your new paper
to Coral-List is a form of self-aggrandizement, but if you think of the idea
in this other light of education and outreach, maybe it's not such a bad

    Coral-List has been more of an open forum for items of concern or
contention.  It can and should still serve that purpose, but I would ask
that you think of ways to use this list to spread the basic knowledge we
gather, too, especially to colleagues and students new to the discipline.
Perhaps introducing Coral-List to your students would help in their
education of the many facets of research we are engaged in.

    This is just a thought over a strong cup of coffee and a point of
discussion--it's not a requirement.

        Coral-List Admin

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