[Coral-List] 13th ICRS invitation to submit abstracts

Esti Winter esti.winter at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 02:39:57 EST 2015

Coral reef researchers
we would like to invite you to submit abstracts to our session in the
upcoming Coral Reef Symposium (13th ICRS) convening in June in Hawaii.
The session is entitled  *Emerging technologies in cellular, molecular, and
ecotoxicology techniques (Session 44)*
The pathways of pollution uptake and trigger points for changing
environmental conditions can be assessed at subcellular,
cellular, organism, and community levels.  This session explores emerging
opportunities and expanding tools and techniques to assess responses to
change, from the cellular to the organism level.  Culturing and
manipulating specific clones, tissue types, or cells, provide excellent
tools and models for studying basic physiology and disease processes. These
tools will help elucidate direct effects of extrinsic stressors on specific
cellular components of these organisms. The increasing abilities to measure
change at both the cellular and organismal level increases our
comprehension of the effects of stressors on coral behavior, health, and
resilience of the coral meta-organism (holobiont).

Dr. Amanda Reichelt-Brushett -amanda.reichelt-brushett at scu.edu.au
*Dr. E. Kramarsky-Winter-*esti.winter at gmail.com

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