[Coral-List] Session 14: CORAL REPRODUCTION @ ICRS 2016

Jacqueline Padilla tati_vetabel at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 17 16:42:11 EST 2015

Dear colleagues

We are pleased to invite you to submit abstractsfor presentations and posters in*Session 14: CORAL REPRODUCTION” of the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Session Overview:

Understanding the natural variation of reproductionin coral reef systems

Reproduction represents theculmination of several physiological events in the parents and the first stepof new recruits to marine ecosystem. With the goalof better understanding factors that control spawning synchrony andreproductive output of reef organisms this session will bring together expertsin different fields to share research on reproduction at the population, organismand molecular level. This session will highlight multidisciplinary research,including but not limited to the following topics: natural variability inreproductive cycles, parental effects, spawning synchronicity, chronobiology,phenology, gamete quality, fertilization, reproductive phenotypic plasticityand effects of environmental parameters (light, ocean acidification,temperature, nutrients, pollutants, sedimentation) on reproduction, settlementand growth of new recruits. This session hopes to bring together scientistsworking in different systems and in different regions of the world to shareinformation and establish collaborations that can lead to an internationalcoral reef reproduction network that can integrate reproduction informationfrom coral reef organisms in different parts of the world. This would be agreat tool for the scientific community and managers to track spawning events,generate long-term spawning time-series, and identify reproductive patternsover larger spatial and temporal scales. This will help us to better predictthe effects of climate change on the phenology and reproductive success ofcorals, which are critical for the resilience and persistence of coral reefsand the survival of many species in the tropical seas.

ICRS 2016_Abstract Submission Overview

ICRS 2016 Abstract Preparation Guide
The abstract submission deadline is Midnight,Central Standard Time USA /
06:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), *January 15,2016.*

Thank you.
We look forward to your submission.

Jacqueline Padilla-Gamiño, California StateUniversity Dominguez Hills

Robert van Woesik, Florida Institute ofTechnology

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