[Coral-List] Underwater (in situ) Coral Tagging Systems, What do YOU use?

Jeremy Raynor jmraynor at eckerd.edu
Fri Dec 18 16:39:00 EST 2015

Hello Coral Listers,

Just shooting out a quick question here regarding tags for Acropora corals.
I am currently setting up a coral nursery in northern Haiti with both "Tree
Frame" type and "Fixed to Bottom A Frame" type nursery structures. I have
been having trouble attaining materials that can be used to tag the

Can someone share with me what they have used or know to be a successful
tagging material.

Thoughts I had:

1. Clear epoxy over sharpie or permanent pen on plastic
2. Using a small keychain type tag and sealing it with water proof paper
3. Small ceramic tile

Please let me know and if you can name specific brands or provide a link
that would be even more helpful! Thank you all so much.

Best Regards,

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